Wholesale Crochet Dress And Wholesale Crochet Top at Ten Boutique

Ten Boutique Crochet Products 01

Ten Boutique Crochet Products. For more information please contact www.ten.co.th

We are wholesaler for a great variety in crochet products such as crochet dress, crochet top, crochet jacket, crochet skirt, as well as crochet shawl.    We also deliver made-to-order for wholesale clothing. Our shop is located at Pratunum market.   We open every day and you can visit at 819/6 Rajprarop road at pratunam market. We can do made-to-order and export too.

Ten Boutique Crochet Products 02

Ten Boutique Crochet Products 02

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Tel: 02-6534828

Mobile: 0813728080

Fax: 02-653-4829, 02-656-2621

You can visit our website: www.ten.co.th (site didn’t open)

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