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Warning: It is not save to travel to the deep South of Thailand especially Yala as the area is unsafe.  read the news

Bargaining: The currency is Bt = Bath, an easy way to calculate the exchange rate: 100Bt for 2 Euro (division by 50). In department stores and supermarkets prices are fixed. But elsewhere, with patience and a friendly smile, you can bargain till 10-25% off the asking price. Beware that touristic hotspots ussually have local people approaching tourists and offer services for rediculouse prices For those of you who are used to Chinese bargaining beware it is different and Thais can feel insulted when suggesting a very hugh discount.

About the Kingdom
Thoughout six decades of his reign, since 1946, His Majesty the King has devoted his life to improving the lives of His People. Queen Sirikit and King Bhumibol Adulyadej have travelled to many different locations throughout Thailand to learn about the problems the villagers face, in their daily lives. He has initiated > 3,000 projects in fields like agriculture, water sources, public health, communications and education. His dedication and projects have brought prosperity, sustainable growth and happiness to many, if not all, Thai people! The meaning of the name of His Majesty the King stands for: Strenght of the Land
Visiting Bangkok on a Mondays or on a National holidays is an interesting experience as most every citizen wear yellow color shirts. Thai wear this color to express their love and respect for the King of Thailand. The color yellow is choosen because H.M. the King was born on a Monday. Everyday has its own color and Monday is yellow. yellowshirt.gif

Thai is the national language with an own alphabet while English is widely understood in Bangkok and in many touristy places and Mandarin Chinese is becoming more popular. In Thai language Bangkok has changed to Krung Tep which covers a greater area than former Bangkok. Bangkok is of course understood by everyone.Did you know that when speaking formally language as a male, you are required to end a sentence with: Krab and for females a sentence ends with: Kaa. So Sawadee Krab means hello spoken by a man and Sawadee Kaa means hello by woman.

Formal Gesture:
People greet each other formally to show their respect. This Buddhist manner of greeting, putting the hands at nose-height, is to show respect to the elder people and the more important ones.

Thailand is known for its warm climate all year. The average annual temperature is 35. Thai friends say that there are three distinct seasons: hot, hotter and hottest! It is hot from March through May, rainy from June to September and cool from December to February.

Time & Population:
Difference with Amsterdam is -5 hours. Thailand is five hours ahead.
Bangkok 10 million, Thailand 62 million people. [/English]

Festivals: Loi Krathong (November) Floating candles on the river during fullmoon. To worseship the godness of the river. read and see more…

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