Saturday night: Antique Market

The Saturday night Antique Market in Bangkok moved to the other side of the intersection Ratchda-Ladphrao recently. So when I came out of the MRT, I was very surprised not to encounter the market I was looking for. This market used to be at the driving practice area where I learnt to drive but now it moved to the other side, next to the BTS building. 
The word Antique market might not be really correct as the word ‘antique’ gives the impression that old fashion products are sold here. Some believe that ‘second-hand market’ is a better name but that gives me the impression that everything is for the poor people.
Anyway, at this market I found lots of different ‘cool’ looking antiques for sale. From  70s and 80s advertisements posters, old-timers: both miniature and real sized ones, Antique cameras, LPs and crazy looking drivers’ helmets with sunglasses. There were also vendors selling second-hand clothes and second-hand shoes. So if you believe second-hand is longer-lasting you should have a look. For those who are not interested in second-hand items, don’t worry! There are of course also vendors to be found who sell new fancy products and gadgets.

antique market bkk

antique market bkk

 Unfortunately the market has gone smaller since they moved to the other side of the intersection. Less space means less vendors and I noticed that so some of the nice food tents have not moved over for some reason.
For the collectors, I think this market is definitely worth a visit. It is an unique market, totally different from the popular markets and yet it is easy accessible.
The best way to get to this Saturday evening’s antique market is probably by underground, MRT station: Ladphrao. The market can also be reached by Bus line 8 from Mo Chit.

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