Welcome to Oh my dog shop

We are vendor necklace ,clothing , perfume and toy for the dog.

The Dog necklace

Perfume of lovely kids

Clothing cute design

Our best seller product is dog necklace.

Necklace for your lovely Dog.

Make your dog with your style.

More Information

We can sale retail and Whole sale.

We have 1 year experience with export / F.O.B.

We are agree with free marketing online.

You can contact us : 086-977-4610 74 Maitreejit Road, Promparbsattrupai, Bangkok Thailand 10100

Contact details

Location:74 Maitreejit Road, Pomparbsattrupai , Bangkok Thailand 10100 (address for the Google map)

Contact person: Miss Chutapa

Phone: 086-9774610

Shop Website: www.Oh my dog.igetweb.com

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