Jsat 24 hours Satellite TV

Would you like to receive your favorite TV channel? We are very lucky here in Thailand to be able to see satellite TV channels from 32 satellites over our heads, with over 1,700 free to view channels, also satellite radio channels. Lot’s of Free Indian TV, Dutch TV and Australian TV.

Tel: +66(0)7143595
Email: info@jsat.tv
Website: www.jsat.tv

7 thoughts on “Jsat 24 hours Satellite TV”

  1. I really think JF has never used then, as I have had their service here for the last two years and it has never missed a beat. When we wanted help they were very quick to have a technician visit and add a new TV we just brought.

  2. The phone number changed to 02-714-3551 and the email is still the same, but most packages these days are all in HD – like the Setanta Asia Sports network in HD

  3. who is this JF guy? Did he even use them, I doubt it for sure, as after 6yrs they are still supporting the system I brought from them, and now I have all the NRL and Rugby live in HD and my 3D tv never looked so good, so JF I think you talk with rubbish!

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