Yes, it’s possible to send postcards from Thailand to other countries. Sending postcards from Thailand is very cheap. For example I sent a postcard from Thailand to Europe in 2013 for only 15 Baht. However our online postcards are still cheaper as it is for FREE! (faster and easier too)

Places in Thailand: 30 Postcards

There are so many fantastic places in Thailand! Here are postcards from all over.  In our postcard gallery we have: Wat Po in Bangkok (the reclining Buddha), Postcard Ayuthaya (Wat Yai Chaimongkol), Wat Pra Keow (Grand Palace), Kanchanaburi Postcard (Wat Khao Khe Thepnimitwanaram), Ayuthaya (Wat Chai Watanaram), The three Pagoda Pass in Kanchanaburi, The temple of emerald […]

Thai People; 32 postcards

The Thai consists of  various regional groups including the main Thai, northeastern, northern, and southern Thai with their own regional dialects of their mutually intelligible Thai language. The land of the different smiles. In our postcard gallery below you can see,:Thai boxing postcards, young monks paying respect to Buddha, a Thai farmer on her buffalo, sawasdee postcard, […]

Thailand: 19 E-cards


Thailand is a fabulous destination with palaces, temples, markets, shopping, spas, friendly people, fine dining and some of the best hotels in the world. Happy New Year in Thai Postcards, Greetings from Thailand Postcards, Santa Clause in Thailand, Elephants and monkey postcards. Scroll through our postcard gallery and choose one postcard and send it for […]

Thai Monks; 4 E-cards


Buddhism in Thailand is largely of the Theravada school. Buddhist temples in Thailand are characterized by tall golden stupas, and the Buddhist architecture of Thailand is similiar to Cambodia and Laos, with which Thailand shares cultural and historical heritage. E-cards: