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Modern Bracelet 250 baht

Woon Handmade we are the representative retailer&wholeseller ornament handmade of Thailand. New version of accessory products are available now. We have necklaces, rings, earrings, belts, bracelets to welcome. Winter season which coming soon on the next month, the best selling of this season are ‘Modern Bracelets’  We are starting export sell for the first time.Excellent! if you buy our products more than ten pieces FREE shipping charge

Winter season collection……

200 baht

Bright Angel :

This elegant bracelet design is perfect to wear to the office party or late evening gala

After making the bracelet, you may want to make a longer version to wear as a matching necklace.

500 baht

Pinkie Perfect :

Necklace design is perfect to wear to the various parties.

This necklace make for young girl even senior woman.

400 baht

Smooth Belt:

There are many colours for Smooth Belt such as, scarlet, pink, green, light green, brown, black, red, blue and  indigo.

300 baht

Superior Deep Red:

Durable and beautiful design matching  with all celebration.

150 Baht

Quartzite Earrings:

This pretty earring made for wearing in  happy day.

Contract us:

Laddawan Suntibut [Woon]

67/308 Bangyaicity Bangyai Nonthaburi Thailand 11140


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