a good time to visit Bangkok?

The commotion about the election and current government hasn’t settled down yet.  The Prime Minister ‘Yingluck’ has already agreed to step down and she has announced the new elections for the 2nd of February this year. However the opposition party called ‘the Democrats’  don’t want to the new elections with Yingluck’s party because of the link to her brother Thaksin Shinawatra.  Thaksin Shinawatra,  who is living outside of Thailand since 2006,  is accused of corruption .

suthep support

Suthep support

The Democrats are afraid that the Thai people will vote for Yinglucks political party again.  The Democrats demand Yingluck’s party to step down and not participate in politics anymore. That why they have shut down Bangkok with their peaceful protests.

So for tourists and other visitors of Bangkok it is better to avoid the center of the city. Although the protests are all peaceful, accidents and even an explosion at victory moment have occurred. The emergency decree in Bangkok has been announced. It is also announce that the shopping mall Central World will close at 6pm today due to the demonstrations.

Let’s hope both parties will sit around the table and come to an satisfying agreement. So that new elections with ‘clean’ political parties can bring Thailand towards better future.

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